About us - Sozni Kashmir Crafts.

"If there is paradise on earth, it's here, it's here, and it's here" - by Emperor Jehangir.

These were the spontaneous words of Emperor Jehangir when he first set foot in the beautiful valley of Kashmir.  The presence of nature is overwhelmingly inspiring, particularly when it is at it's beautiful best like here in the valley of Kashmir.  No wonder the people of the people of the vale have been instinctively inclined towards a mode of expression that standards out as an enticing testimony to their love of nature fittingly called handicrafts.  While the poets relish its influence to wax eloquent on the most delicate of sentiments, artisans swear by it to give actual form to their creative zeal and come up with the interesting expressions - the Kashmir handicrafts.

Qayoom Doond was born in an artisan family here in Kashmir in a remote place where he grew up in the lap of Mother Nature with umpteen colours around.  Right from his childhood he was in the family of master craftsmen where he understood the beautiful and world of renowned arts and crafts of Kashmir.  He has taken a vow that he would serve as an ambassador and take these wonderful handicrafts to every nook and corner of the world wherever the conaseuires of art are.  He has a passion to promote only genuine handicrafts of Kashmir.  He travels far and wide in Kashmir to collect the masterpieces from the genuine and master craftsmen.  That is the reason that he has a fabulous collection of Handicrafts particularly Shawls and Kani Shawls.  His collection is of the purest quality and he guarantees its authenticity.