About us - Sozni Kashmir Crafts.

About us - Sozni Kashmir Crafts.

When Emperor Jehangir first set foot in the beautiful valley of Kashmir, he said, 'If there is praise on earth, it's here, it's here, and it's here.'

The breathtaking beauty of nature is a constant source of inspiration in Kashmir.  It is no surprise that the people of this valley have a deep appreciation for nature, which is reflected in their handcrafts.

The founder Qayoom Doond was born into an artisan family in a remote part of Kashmir, surrounded by the colours of nature.  He grew up near the master craftsmen, learning about their world of arts and crafts.

He produces only genuine handmade Cashmere sourcing the finest materials from the master craftsmen of Kashmir.  

His collection, which includes a varieties of Pashmina shawls and Kani Shawls is of the purest quality with amazing embroidered work.  

Sozni Kashmir certainly guarantees its authenticity. 

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