Collection: Aari Embroidery of Kashmir

In Kashmir, the indigenous term for Aari work, known as Aari Kari or Aari Kaem, is referred to as Zalakdozi, which translates to "chain stitch" in the local language. This method primarily employs chain stitching to create enchanting designs, for which Kashmir is renowned worldwide. Aari Kaem is a captivating form of needlework executed using silk, cotton, and woolen threads. The essential tool for Aari Kaem is the 'aer,' a specialized hook needle. This intricate craft is typically applied to garments such as suits, shawls, coats, jackets, and more, transforming a plain fabric into a vibrant, ethnically appealing masterpiece. The motifs used in Aari Kaem draw inspiration from the valley's rich and vibrant natural surroundings.

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